During the third trimester, Marcalan used once or twice daily will help condition the skin, making the nipple more elastic and supple. With clean hands soften a small amount between fingertips and apply to the entire nipple area.

Post-natally, Marcalan should be applied to the entire nipple area before and after breastfeeding or as required, to provide soothing relief, and to protect and moisturise.

Pregnancy and breastfeeding place rigorous demands on nipple tissue. During pregnancy nipple size may double. Nipple tissue can increase to twice this size again in baby’s mouth during feeding. Marcalan improves smoothness, elasticity and moisture balance of the nipple making it better able to cope with the demands of breastfeeding.

Other uses of Marcalan
The use of Marcalan hypo-allergenic lanolin is not limited only to nipples. It is also an excellent intensive moisturising treatment for the whole family. Marcalan can assist in healing chapped lips, cracked heels, and dry hands (so common to mothers of young children).

Where can I find Marcalan?
Marcalan is widely available through pharmacies though often hard to locate on shelf. Please ask for help in store locating the Australian made and owned Marcalan.